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Take a step into the digital future as a Junior specialist in IT, the booming industry of the new reality.

3 online classes every week

Learning without a fixed schedule inevitably makes some students fall behind. We want you to leap forward—that's why Beetroot Academy operates on a strict timeline with optional extra load.

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Hard and soft skills — not just on paper

IT is one of the most meritocratic industries, both local and globally. You can get started and advance without a fancy degree of little practical value or any contacts in the industry. It's your specialized skills and ability to function in a team that count. Beetroot Academy diplomas not simply state you've completed the course but rather reflect our assessment of your abilities. The distinction carries weight: our own software development company, Beetroot, has over 450 employees.


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Your Next IT Career

Most in-demanded jobs and specializations

A unit of output in IT is a software project. Our course offering covers all required parties: a designer, back-end developers, front-end developers, and project manager.


  • Front-End Development
  • Python for Beginners
  • Advanced JavaScript / React
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  • UI/UX Design from scratch
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  • Project Management in IT
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Teach at Beetroot Academy

In IT, experience is everything. Students learn from teachers who are active in the industry, resulting in real, applicable knowledge. Together with a senior practitioner, our groups become teams who work on real projects, just like in a company. Do you want to help our students achieve their career goals?


The more I studied Front-End Development myself, the more I liked it. I was amazed by all the cool things you can do with simple code. Even better: I could also implement my graphic design skills to make nice looking websites. It was very fun at first but learning started to feel lonely, so I’m lucky the Front-end course happened around the same time. I am super happy to say that I have finally found my calling—one where I can use my graphic design skills as well!

Front-End Development Graduate