How to Get Your First Freelance Gig

So here you are starting at the Upwork home page. Your profile there has a photo and a couple of words about you… What’s next? Hopefully some creative tasks and not requests for generic websites. Starting is indeed the hardest part when it comes to freelance. Here’s how you overcome the challenge.

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Front-End Development11/09/2020

4 Reasons to Learn Next.js in 2020

Next.js, a React framework, has been on the rise as businesses keep moving or branching out to digital. It addresses the hurdles of regular React.js apps while keeping things fast and simple. Here are the reasons to learn Next.js in 2020.

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What are UI and UX Design?

If you ask a random person to define design, they will mostly be talking about illustrations, fonts, and maybe even colors. This, however, is just one aspect. To answer the question properly, we have to look at what both UI and UX design are.

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