Should you choose Data Science, Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence?

You've decided that data is the next thing for your hobby or career—but it seems like there are options. The choice is often formulated as Data Science vs Machine Learning, but it is a bit more complicated (and simple) than that.

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No AI Software Will Replace Designers

Automation scares have long been part of our lives, and they are even more acute for jobs that use computers as the primary output tool. Recently, Art.Lebedev Studio revealed that design pieces from their cheapest price plan have all been executed by an AI solution. The results, however, are far from perfect and certainly do not spell doom for human designers.

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Python or JavaScript: Which Language You Should Choose in 2020

If you just want to get a head start in IT, you should choose a language with a low entry barrier. After all, you will be in a better position to learn an advanced language after picking up basics the easy way. Let’s see if Python or JavaScript would be the perfect option.

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