Digital Marketing08/06/2021

Targeted Advertising: Why, How, and Where

Everyone got tired of saying “data is the new oil” as far as 10 years ago, but it actually is. The new era of targeted advertising shook up the landscape and almost decimated good old general banners. Let’s look at how you can take advantage of the much-improved tech today.

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UX for Different Screens: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Looking from the outside, adjusting for different screen sizes could seem one of the most daunting challenges in web design. This is indeed a complicated part of the job but also one full of exciting solutions. Sometimes, however, companies fail to account for two key aspects and we’re stuck with suboptimal implementations instead. Let's look at the good and the bad in no particular order.

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How to Get Your First Freelance Gig

So here you are starting at the Upwork home page. Your profile there has a photo and a couple of words about you… What’s next? Hopefully some creative tasks and not requests for generic websites. Starting is indeed the hardest part when it comes to freelance. Here’s how you overcome the challenge.

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