Alida Arteaga, Regional Coordinator

11 February 2021

Just How Much Do Swedish Companies Need IT Specialists?

Back in 2017, IT&Telekomföretagen predicted that Sweden would be short of 70,000 IT specialists to cover the demand. COVID-19 certainly threw many predictions out of the window, but businesses indeed struggle to close their tech vacancies. Let’s see how much.

Project Management

Project Management is probably the easiest IT job to get into without specific tech knowledge. Most of the managerial and people skills can be acquired in other industries, and IT recruiters recognize that. On the other hand, project management is such a universal job that it is difficult to exclude non-IT vacancies from the query.

Still, looking up Project Management on LinkedIn with Computer Software, Information Technology and Services, Internet, Marketing and Advertising, and Computer Games gives us 633 job postings. Projektledare results in 734 more vacancies. 

Front-End Development

Another specialization with a relatively quick start for Juniors, although you need specialized knowledge and skills to get started. Wшthout any industry filters, Front-End Developer has 533 job postings, while Front-end Utvecklare is at 494. Just like with PM, there seems to be little overlap between the vacancies with English and Swedish job titles.

Apart from the general job title, it would be wrong not to look into individual frameworks. The most popular one, React.js (which we teach at our Advanced JavaScript course), has 1,744 jobs with the React query and 1,444 openings when looking up React.js. Angular is at 912.

We can even go broader and consider all Javascript job openingsб, although it would be a dangerous assumption. The problem here is that Javascript has evolved into both a front- and back-end solution, so the query would give us plenty of back-end or full-stack jobs with Node.js. That being said, Javascript gives 2,334 results.


Much like Javascript, the cornerstone of our Front-End Development course, Python is a path to many jobs and even professions in IT. Let’s start with coding jobs. 

  • Python Developer - 269 jobs
  • Python Utvecklare - 176 jobs
  • Python Tester - 40 jobs*
  • Python Testare - 72 jobs*

*Python is not a prominent tool for automated testing

Python is also a great Data Science tool. Here, our queries will not be limited to Python only. It is pretty difficult to imagine a workplace that would reject a great analytical mind just because the candidate uses Python instead of R. 

  • Data Scientist - 527 jobs
  • Data Analyst - 286 jobs
  • Data Engineer - 1,008 jobs

UI/UX Design

For continuity reasons, it is now common to have the same specialist both create user experience and design the interface for it. As a result, a significant overlap is expected between individual UI or UX Design postings and combined UI/UX job openings.

  • UI Designer - 238 jobs
  • UX Designer - 282 jobs
  • UX/UI Designer - 183 jobs
  • UI/UX Designer - 77 jobs
  • Web Designer - 120 jobs

If 9-to-5 jobs are not your idea of fun, check out our article on securing freelance gigs. Should the research show your skills are not quite matching what the market needs, feel free to consult the up-to-date list of Beetroot Academy courses