Anastasiia Klonova, Strategic Partnership Manager

13 July 2021

Introduction to TECH: a free 5-week course by Beetroot Academy

Full scholarship opportunity for graduates!

Introduction to TECH: a free 5-week course by Beetroot Academy

Do you think about reskilling and giving your career a fresh start? Then be sure to engage in Beetroot Academy's new course. Our educational marathon will provide you with a practical insight into the industry and help you understand what suits you and what doesn't before you dive into new learning. You can choose to complete the whole course or a particular track depending on what's relevant to you.

The course includes an introduction to five entry-level programs (tracks) with hundreds of related vacancies on the job market and no tech background required. We believe that anyone with the right motivation can land a job in tech, and we are sure that you can do it. 

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The Beetroot Academy TECH Course Tracks:

  • Project management in IT
  • UI/UX design
  • Front-end
  • Python 
  • QA

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Why sign up?

  1. Complete the entire 5-week program and apply for a FULL SCHOLARSHIP from Beetroot Academy to study one of our 4-month courses. That's a 23 960 SEK value! 
  2. Learn by doing: don't just learn theory about what tech professions are but actually try yourself in action while completing practical tasks.
  3. Each week, take advantage of a live class with a senior specialist from a particular specialization where you can ask questions and analyze your homework.
  4. Try yourself in different tech careers, compare them and pick the best fit.
  5. It's free! 


Each week is dedicated to a single specific career path. Four days a week, you will receive emails with relevant theoretical material and practical tasks. We will finalize each week with a live session with the teacher to look into homework and ask questions about the profession. These can, for example, tackle prejudices, how their careers have looked like, what they have learned, what they wish they knew before, etc.

Form of education: flexible, online

Start date: August 30th, 2021

Registration deadline: August 29th, 2021

Duration: 5 weeks

Language: English

Price: free

Estimated learning effort: self-pace up to 1.5 hours per day, five days a week

What you'll need 

  1. PC or laptop
  2. Up to 1.5 hours per day / 5 days a week / 5 weeks (but you can choose separate weeks) 
  3. Interest in reskilling to tech
  4. High motivation

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