Alida Arteaga, Regional Coordinator

17 June 2021

6 Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing with Beetroot Academy

Now that you’re set on learning digital marketing, you’re probably thinking where. Let us show you why Beetroot Academy would be a great fit.

Live Classes

Even online, we preach using classrooms with a teacher and students. They make learning much more engaging, help you stay focused, and lower the odds of anyone falling behind the curve. Digital marketing is a very creative job by nature, so working in groups also stirs up imagination.

For this course specifically, it’s hard to overstate the value of an actual teacher available to you. The digital market landscape changes about every six months on a technical level and often faster than that on the conceptual level. Pre-recorded videos will not be telling the whole story - unlike a digital marketeer directly motivated to share their recent experience with you. 

Extensive Curriculum

Our course opens up with a strategic module. It covers the customer journey, market research, and competitor analysis - a successful marketing campaign requires all of these. We would rather help you grasp the strategic part so you can proceed to start using the tools cautiously.

The Marketing Basics module goes deeper into strategy but also has quite a bit of practical stuff. We teach you to apply Search Engine Optimization practices to real-world websites, focusing on the most popular website building platform - WordPress. The last classes here focus on email marketing, which is a great way to cultivate leads.

Marketing Channels and Funnels is where things get very practical. First, you learn how to use Google Analytics for tracking campaigns in real-time and analyzing them later. Then, we take a deep dive into Google Ads and what makes them tick: keywords, bidding, remarketing, and more. Last but not least, we will work with social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube - to discover both content creation and paid advertising practices.

Power to Students

We recognize that digital marketing is a very broad industry. Everything that we listed above - Search Engine Optimization, paid advertising, content creation for social media - can be a separate job. In fact, some students already join us with their idea of future career trajectory in mind. 

While we can’t help everyone’s specialization equally, we can get pretty close to that. About 15% of the curriculum is allocated to an advanced module, and it’s students who decide what goes there. Going the extra mile on SEO/ads/content after grasping the basics for all of these will help you stand out from the competition.

Flipped Classroom

You can see that our course is pretty practical, but there’s more to it. In fact, all our classes are practice. The flipped classroom model implies that theory is studied outside the class, so group sessions can be devoted to applying the material. We’ve been working like that for 6 years.

Apart from enabling a hands-on curriculum, the flipped classroom model also adds flexibility. You can study the theory material between classes at your own pace. We unlock the new batch of knowledge automatically, so you can study up right after the class, just before the next one, or anywhen in between. 

Convenient Learning Hub

We mentioned providing access to new theory materials when the class ends. The content is available on our Learning Management System (LMS), where students can access all educational content as the course progresses. What’s more, you will keep access to the videos and additional materials even after graduation.

LMS also helps streamline home assignments. You can see the task after the class, submit it and get feedback all on the same page. Sounds neat to me!

Career Guidance

Beetroot Academy is a social entrepreneurship, so we have a pretty transparent motivation to see you succeed. This is why all our courses have several hours dedicated to career consultations. We also are in close contact with IT companies in Sweden. Whenever they have a need, we are happy to make your graduation assignment a real project or put you in contact for a potential job opening. 


Our next Digital Marketing group starts in late July. You’ll learn the essentials of Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, paid advertisement on social media, and content marketing. The course finishes with an advanced module picked by the students and a graduation project. Follow this link to get started.