Alida Arteaga, Regional Coordinator

13 April 2021

6 Reasons to Study Project Management with Beetroot Academy

Project Management is a very exciting specialization in IT, and its non-coding nature opens up many learning approaches. Here’s why we (in a truly unbiased fashion) recommended you start your IT journey with us.

Live Classes

We believe in actual classes as the primary method of learning. You get to see the teacher and other students, collaborate in real-time, and always have the opportunity to clarify whenever something is unclear. It’s common to lose motivation when starting to fall behind—and consistent meetings prevent just that.

As the pandemic started, we moved over to virtual classrooms. While Zoom sessions may not feel the same, we still do our best to keep everyone engaged and noticed. Regular classes still help you get to know fellow students and build a network better than weekly consultations could.

Flipped Classroom

We love our live classes but we also don’t want them to feel like a chore. This is where the flipped classroom comes into play. Our teachers barely spent any time on theory during lessons, because lessons are the time for practical things. The “flip” here refers to ditching the traditional school model from the last century, where most of the class is dedicated to preparing for homework. 

Flipped classroom may sound taxing but it actually helps distribute the workload. You get to study theoretical materials at your own pace between the classes. The model also helps create fixed windows to bring out the maximum effort—classes—instead of spreading the practical assignments out. Essentially, you start studying project management through organizing how you will be learning the job.

Learning Management System

When encouraging you to prepare at your own pace, we truly want to remove the pressure of “not forgetting things”. All video lessons are available at any time before the class so you can get started immediately or take a break that you find suitable. The calendar inside LMS helps you see what materials should be browsed before the upcoming class.

LMS also helps you and the teacher stay accountable to each other. We use the system for handling homework: you are expected to upload it to the LMS by a certain time and the instructor for that module is expected to come back with feedback. This model makes things transparent for everyone. If the regional manager (i.e me) sees a student or teacher start struggling with their load, we step in to help.

Work-Friendly Schedule

We embrace full-time employees and students wanting a career change. All our courses are designed with evening sessions only and at least two days between the classes. This is how you will have time for other things in your life while also operating with a solid room to complete homework.

The spring Project Management course will have classes on Mondays and Thursdays. Both sessions will be from 18:30 till 20:30 CET. 

Balanced Curriculum

When it comes to intensive courses, providers often have little time to teach anything but tools. After all, hard skills are the key factor defining a job that students spend time and money to learn. This approach certainly helps marketing and selling the courses. Junior jobs, however, often imply a limited skillset, thus the preference goes to candidates superior elsewhere (e.g. soft skills).

Project Management screams soft skills, and we hear it. About ⅓ of the course is dedicated to mastering the art of effective communication in professional IT environments. The curriculum includes modules on collaborating with the team and managing clients, as the Project Management job requires both. We want you to know more than just Jira when you graduate.

Career Support

As social entrepreneurship, we have a genuine interest in you actually starting a career in IT after graduation. We have career events with international companies and individual recruiters that are available to Beetroot Academy students only. 

Our regular partners include Oddwork, Devkittens, SoftServe. Since Beetroot is also a software development company, we have clients willing to assign genuine work as final assignments of our students. Between the curriculum, career guidance, and solid partner work, Beetroot Academy graduates have an employment rate of 70% within 6 months of course completion.