Advanced JavaScript / React

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2 months

Level advanced
Course authorRoman Nikiforov

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If you already work with JavaScript, it’s time for React/Redux. The React JS library solves problems connected with interfaces: goods in the basket, lists of users. When more and more pages appear, you can use Redux.

After finishing the course you will know React tools such as: ESLint — for code syntax check, React Router v4 — for creating menus and pagination, Reselect — for optimizing the operation of states, Immutable.js — a library that helps to create immutable data collections, Jest — for testing. You will learn to create functional components using React hooks. And you will be able to write unit-tests, using Jest and react-testing-libraries. As a result, you will create your own application and will be able to work as a React developer. The online test is not provided on this course. You will get a test task after an interview.


  • HTML, CSS 
  • Preprocessor: SASS 
  • Data types, syntax,basic JavaScript structure and functions 
  • Work with DOM 
  • Event model in JavaScript 
  • Work with AJAX requests within JavaScript.

Why Advanced JavaScript?

  • The entry threshold to React/Redux is quite high. If you learn this technology, you will be considered an excellent JS developer 
  • Besides web-development, JS can be used as a server language and you can create desktop applications 
  • Using React you can code as Facebook, Instagram. AirBnb developers. You can be sure that this technology will not lose it’s popularity. By the way, we also use JS in our website coding 
  • After you learn one JS library, the others will be easier 
  • If you know React you can learn React Native and develop gadget applications.

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Course program

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  • JavaScript

    14 h 6 topics
    • Scope of variables. Functions as Higher-Order Elements
    • Closures in JavaScript. The practical implementation of closures
    • Regular Expressions
    • ES 6, 7, 8 script
    • Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript
    • Asynchronous JavaScript
  • React

    36 h 10 topics
    • Introduction to React
    • Using React library for creating a user interface
    • Higher-Order Components (HOC)
    • React hooks
    • Films project. Part 1
    • Films project. Part 2
    • Films project. Part 3
    • Films Project. Part 4
    • Films Project. Part 5. Refactoring
    • Testing basics. Jest framework
  • Redux

    14 h 3 topics
    • Redux basics
    • Redux. Books mini project
    • Redux. Create a project

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Total hours

64 h

Total hours

64 h


During lessons, you’ll solve real-life cases with your teacher. You’ll work individually or in groups together with your colleagues.


Roman Nikiforov

Advanced JavaScript / React Author

IT is constantly moving towards new knowledge and technologies in the search for an optimal solution. I work on projects systematically, but in teaching I need creativity. I do not allow any fooling around at my lessons, but it's always good to add a bit of humor and ask questions. I praise my students for the right decisions, and mistakes help them learn. I love the saying that small strokes fell great oaks.

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