Let's build your career in IT

Starting a new career in IT or getting the next promotion might sound hard and scary. Don't worry, we know that with enough motivation and the right support, we can make it together. Follow these steps and you'll be closer to achieving your goal.


Choose your direction

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Application process

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The interview

This is a friendly meeting where you can meet our team and ask all your questions. Our selection process helps us achieve our well-known friendly atmosphere.


Course methodology



All theory lessons are recorded and uploaded to our Learning Management System (LMS). As a student you'll get full access to them, giving you more independence in your studies.


While theory is studied at home, class time is spent working on practical problems with your teacher and fellow students.

Career guidance

Learn how to write a CV, pass an interview, and prepare your portfolio. You'll meet local recruiters and be supported towards your new job in IT.

Community Learning

Discuss assignments and get help from classmates through the always-on chat group.

Learning management system

Get access to all our video lessons and additional material custom-made by your teacher.


Get access to all our video lessons and additional materials


Upload your homework and get feedback.


Calendar with available lessons, upcoming tests and events.


Pass tests and see your results on the Student Page.


Reminders to Slack - never miss a thing.

Graduation project

At your last lesson it’s time to present the final project you've been working so hard on, and discuss it with the teacher and other students. Congrats on the first project for your portfolio!



At the graduation event you'll receive your diploma with the Beetroot Academy stamp and your teacher’s signature. The diploma is merit-based, and you can prove you deserved it. Bring it to your interview and your future employer can verify its authenticity on our website.

Start learning today

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