Natalia Fedorova, Regional Coordinator

13 October 2020

Schedule, job prospects, work-study-life balance: everything about studying at Beetroot Academy

Taking a 4-month course is an endeavor, one you should not commit to blindly. We are always happy to answer your questions via phone or email but we still decided to cover essential aspects in writing. Feel free to inquire more!


Can I study from Stockholm only?

No, we accept students from anywhere in Sweden. In fact, if you happen to live anywhere else in the world, we will be happy to have you on board as well. All our courses are fully remote.

How many people are there in one group?

We run groups at 12 students or fewer. As the flipped classroom model is a cornerstone of Beetroot Academy methodology for our courses, we’d hate to have crowded live sessions. A dozen people are just enough for everyone to get attention from the teacher while also having the time to speak up and collaborate with fellow students.

Job prospects

Is there a demand for graduates from your courses?

Yes, there is quite a demand. Sweden is projected to have a deficit of 70,000 IT specialists by 2022, and migration alone is not proving enough to cover it. Every IT project needs a Project Manager, a UI/UX designer, and multiple developers. Our goal is to help Sweden stay on track for continued growth, and chipping in with IT specialists is beneficial for everyone involved.

Will I have enough skills with just your course?

Our curriculum for all courses is designed to make our graduates Junior specialists within 4 months. This is a realistic timeline as we have more live classes and ask to allocate more hours for self-studying than fellow schools with longer courses. Our teachers constantly provide inspiration and guidance for more studying, which are a bonus and not a requirement on top of the course.

Can you provide me with a job placement?

We do not guarantee employment and do not provide one but we have options. Beetroot Academy shares an ecosystem with Beetroot, a 450+ people software development company founded in 2012. Some of the best Academy graduates have decided to stay with us and work at Beetroot. We will also introduce you to our network of partners, which we keep extending to make landing your first job (or internship) easier.

Work-study-life balance

Can I fit studies into my schedule while working full-time?

Absolutely. Our 2-hour weekday classes start at 6 pm, and the longer, 4-hour long session, is always scheduled for either Saturday or Sunday. Self-studying between classes is possible at your own pace and schedule.

How many hours per week would my course take?

Most courses take about 20 hours per week, with 8 hours of live classes and another 12 hours of learning by yourself. Project Management in IT has 4 hours of live classes and requires about 6 hours of self-studying.


How many people have graduated from Beetroot Academy?

Our Ukrainian academy has had over 2,400 graduates since 2014. Here in Sweden, we had 20 Front-End graduates as part of the collaboration between Beetroot Academy and Pink Programming. We also have about 20 people currently studying Front-End Development, Python, UI/UX Design, and Project Management. The Kosovo branch has 10 graduates and 13 active students in several coding courses.

Can I see the portfolios of your graduates?

Check out the Behance page to see the works of UI/UX students and graduates from the Ukrainian academy. You can find websites of Swedish Front-End graduates here


How do I become a student?

You can use the website to sign up for Front-End, Python, UI/UX Design, or Project Management in IT. We will contact you on the same business day. If you would like to approach us first, find the contact details on this page.

Can I reserve a spot in advance?

Your spot is normally secured once you sign a contract with us and pay the first monthly installment or the full price of the course. If some arrangements are necessary between contacting us and covering the first invoice, just let us know.

What are the requirements? Can I be rejected?

The general requirements are a good level of English (all materials and classes are in English) and a PC or laptop with an internet connection. You can find course-specific requirements on their dedicated pages (see the beginning of the Admission section).

We don’t usually reject students who fulfill both general and course-specific requirements. The only limitation at the moment is the group capacity. 

What is the sign-up deadline for this year?

Our last groups for 2020 start on November 30. It is, however, likely that we will have few spots remaining on a particular course with no time to create a second (or third) group for that course. You can find out the current capacity by calling/messaging us or leaving your contact details so we call you.


What is the course fee?

All our courses are 23,960 SEK (VAT-inclusive). You can pay upfront or split the fee into four installments of 5,990 SEK/month. We also accept Klarna that can split the fee into even more installments (Klarna’s terms and conditions apply).

Can I have my course fee financed?

We are happy to work with your employer and enroll you in a Beetroot Academy course as part of the workplace’s self-development program. It can be either a spot on a regular group or a private group for you and/or your colleagues as well. 

You can also have TSL or TRR cover your fee if you were laid off from a permanent position at the company that has a signed “kollektivavtal”. Some of our current students took this opportunity and paid nothing out of their own pockets. Find out more from a comprehensive blog post