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Front-End Development
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4 months

Level beginner
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Front-End Developers are the blood of the IT industry. They are the final link of the chain connecting businesses and users online. Front-End refers to the visible part of the website/application. Essentially, Front-End developers make sure the user interface design renders and responds properly—to lead users toward website functionality defined by User Experience Designer and powered by Back-End Developers. In many ways, you make or break the initial impression of a product.


Our curriculum covers the trifecta of front-end development tools: HTML (defines the layout), CSS (the look), Javascript (interactivity). We will also help you minimize the routine with automation tools, such as Gulp. The Javascript module also touches upon Javascript frameworks, which make mobile applications and websites blazing fast. Their beauty lies in universal adoption: hobbyists and IT giants use the same tools. 


The course is practice-oriented so that our graduates have a portfolio of websites and apps they can proudly show to their future employer. Our flipped classroom approach means learning theory at your own pace with little to no time spend on it during live classes. We cultivate a peer environment where students collaborate a lot and can always rely on the teacher to help them out, in and outside of the virtual classroom.


- Solid computer literacy

- Laptop or desktop computer

- Coding experience is an advantage


Career Prospects

  • Full-time Front-End Developer at a company with own website and application
  • Front-End specialist for an IT outsourcing agency
  • Freelance Web Developer with flexible schedule and freedom to pick your client
  • All options enable growth from Junior to Lead developer, increasing your value each step of the way

Course Content

The course modules cover all skills and knowledge expected from a Junior specialist

  • HTML / CSS

    56 h • 23 topics
    • What is a website. Work process setup. Introduction to HTML.
    • HTML5 tags
    • The systems of versions control Git, and GitHub
    • Introduction to CSS
    • Figma for Front-end developers
    • CSS selectors
    • CSS Box Model
    • Flexbox
    • Fonts in web, Font Face
    • CSS positioning and transformation
    • BEM methodology
    • Creating forms
    • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
    • Work with pre- and post-processors
    • Adaptive layout (Responsive web design)
    • Responsive navigation
    • Exam 1 - A simple website for your portfolio
    • Practice – layout making
    • Cross-browser compatibility
    • SEO for developer
    • CSS animations
    • CSS GRID layout
    • Responsive graphics

    42 h • 16 topics
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Types of data and math functions
    • Loops and conditions
    • Functions
    • Objects
    • Document Object Model
    • Events
    • Examination 2 - A website layout for your portfolio
    • Tool for project construction (task-manager) Gulp
    • Introduction to jQuery
    • Slick Slider – the most universal slider plug-in
    • Work with an API with an example of Google Maps API
    • AJAX
    • Web storage. Local & Session Storage, Cookies
    • Arrays
    • Classes
  • Front-End

    28 h • 8 topics
    • Vue.js components
    • Work with a remote server
    • Webpack
    • Introduction to JavaScript frameworks with an example of Vue.js
    • Website optimization
    • Introduction to Front-End frameworks. Bootstrap, Foundation
    • Examination 3 - A website using a framework
    • Vue.js: modifiers, events, and rendering

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  • 47 teacher-led lessons
  • 3 classes/week
  • Unlimited access to course materials
  • Career & employment support
  • Graded diploma

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The more I studied Front-End Development myself, the more I liked it. I was amazed by all the cool things you can do with simple code. Even better: I could also implement my graphic design skills to make nice looking websites. It was very fun at first but learning started to feel lonely, so I’m lucky the Front-end course happened around the same time. I am super happy to say that I have finally found my calling—one where I can use my graphic design skills as well!

Front-End Development Graduate

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